In chapter four of his book Writing for Digital Media, Brian Carroll continues his lesson on screen writing. He gives prescriptions for hyperlinks and headlines. As far as I can tell, I have been following Carroll’s recommendation to facilitate scanning and surfing by “chunking” text, as well as his guidelines for hyperlinks. If I have been doing these things correctly, it is only a testament to the time I spend reading electronic material. Just as a child learns words through interaction with others, I have learned bits of what Gregory Ulmer, in his article, has called ‘electracy’ by engaging with electronic material. However, just because a child can learn words from his peers doesn’t mean he shouldn’t also be taught English in school.

I am very concerned about my ability to write a headline. Carroll got me here: “cute and clever headlines are tempting to write, but they are difficult to pull off in print, and even more problematic online. The reference or pun that might make your headline seem so clever to you may be lost on a global audience.” I totally understand what he is saying. I have seen many horrible and hilarious headlines. But I still couldn’t help but make the headline for this entry.  For this class, I will be doing a project on a boutique fitness franchise. Socks, for this type of workout, are vital. I have already dreamed about making a segment or headline titled “Socks and the City”. I can’t resist.

I was hoping that Carroll’s chapter titled “Blogito, Ergo Sum” would make me feel better, and it did! He says, “At the very least, blogging is an exercise of expression.” While I do hope to accomplish more than ‘the very least’, I am comforted that I can use this blog to express myself.

The most helpful section of this chapter was ‘Applying the Blogging Basics’ on page 155. Good blogs are updated frequently, organized with most recent post at the top, and tag posts with key words. I’m not quite sure what kind of key words I should tag in my posts, but I understand why tags are so important. When someone uses a search engine to find a blog on a certain topic, the search engine has to know that the blog is relevant to the search.


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